WELCOME: Your LHS Reunion has come and gone June 28th – 30th, 2013.


The LHS Reunion Committee is pleased to inform you that a donation in the amount of $1029 each will be made in the name of the LHS Reunion (and its attendees) to the Breakfast Programs of the Lennoxville Elementary School and the ETSB Learning Centre. So proud and happy that our wonderful weekend will have a lasting benefit to local kids!

The 2013 LHS Reunion is now a marvellous memory for the almost 350 individuals who were able to attend one or more of last weekend`s events. (Sorry we can`t be any more specific about this figure – Friday night`s Meet & Greet Registration was VERY hectic for a while!!)

Check back with the site often – we’ll be adding photos and other information to the site as soon as they become available.   If you attended the Reunion, enjoy re-visiting the weekend.  If you weren`t able to attend, we want you to be able to get a taste of the Reunion through this site.

The LHS Reunion Committee:

Heather Cotton Bowman ’64

Maureen Dillon Teasdale ’69

Vicki Hughes-Games ’66

Lyle Sample X ’69

Jane Deacon Wilson ’69

David (Skip) Wright ’69

Friday night`s Registration-Meet & Greet was an incredible experience.  Over 300 LHSers first filled the Pub lobby, then streamed through the doors and filled the room to over-flowing.  Noise levels were high, as were emotions as old friends greeted each other joyfully – it IS you!! – often after quickly checking a name tag (with too small print, of course).  Seldom has so much catching up been done by so many in so little time!

Saturday morning`s Memorial Ceremony was touching and meaningful. From the welcome through the prayers by Ven. Dean E. Ross `68, the remarks by Skip Wright `69, the reading of the names to the sound of bag-pipes (played by Frances Herring Rich `69) to the placing of the stone plaque in the ground on the front lawn of the school under a beautiful maple tree. Be sure to visit the spot on your next visit to Lennoxville.

FYI -The plaque covers a time capsule filled with LHS memorabilia contributed by LHSers.

Join us!

Following Saturday evening`s buffet dinner for 240, the diners were joined by other LHS classmates and friends the evening`s acitivities.  They began with a formal welcome from the Reunion Committee Chair, Vicki Hughes Games `66 and a reflection on Lennoxville High School`s special contribution to the lives of its students from Skip Wright.   Class pictures, conversation and dancing then filled the rest of the evening.

The final Reunion event was a Sunday morning buffet brunch at the ANAF (the Hut), attended by over 135.

Many of those who are now `from away` spent any free time Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon re-visiting old familiar places or friends in Lennoxville and the surrounding area.  Many remarks were made that the places, in particular, were often not so familiar anymore!!




LHS Reunion Attendees 2013


Abbott, Darrell ’65

Bean (Herz), Margaret Ann ’52

Beaulieu, George ’61

Bell (Almond), Carol ’65

Bell (Halsall), Jennifer ’68

Bennett (Loomis), C. Beverly ’51

Bennett (Clarke), Eileen ’47

Bird, Guy ’59

Bishop, Susan ’68

Black, Jim ’69

Bowen (Mizener), Helen ’60

Bowman, Doug ’65

Bowman, William ’62

Bradley, Alan ’69

Brand (de Sousa), Sandra ’64

Broadhurst, Keith

Brown (Fleming), Sheila ’69

Burcombe, George

Burczyk, Karl ’49

Busse, Volker ’69

Butler, Sidney ’62

Caldwell, Mr. Don

Campbell, Dallas ’69

Clark, George ’69

Clark, Ron ’62

Clarke, Charlie ’47

Clarke (Mitchell), Sheila ’69

Cochrane, A. David

Cotton (Bowman), Heather ’64

Crawford, Bonnie ’53

Crawford, Darel ’67

Crawford (McMullen), Joan ’67

Crosby, David ’62

Crosby (Scholes), Mary ’58

Crosby, Peter ’60

Davies, Doug

Davies, Russell

Deacon (Hudon), Dorothy ’49

Deacon (Wilson), Jane ’69

Desruisseaux (Marcil), Shirley ’54

Dillon (Teasdale), Maureen ’69

Dix (Wilson), Edith ’69

Draper, Kitty ’64

Draper, Patrick ’69

Dutton, David

Dutton, Jeremy ’67

Dutton (Robertson), Marnie ’65

Duval, Greg ’69

Edwards (Kingsley), Joanne ’66

Evans (Green Clark), Diane ’63

Evans, Dick ’51

Farwell, Norma ’49

Findlay (Hurley), Janet ’63

Findlay, James ’59

Findlay (Salter), Marilyn ’69

Fisk, Lloyd ’62

Fisk, William ’69

Fleck (Fraser), Lona ’68

Fleming, Bruce ’67

Ford (Beaulieu), Eleanor ’60

Fowler (Clark), Diane ’63

Fowler (Peckham), Judy ’62

Gass (Dafoe), Sylvia ’67

Gentry, Peter ’69

George, Jeff ’69

Getty (Brand), Muriel ’42

Godden, Duane ’51

Goodfellow, Marjorie ’55

Grant, Albert ’68

Hadlock, David ’61

Hallam, Michael ’68

Hallam (Millroy), Susan ’68

Halsall (Cooke), Ann ’67

Halsall, Arthur ’68

Harmer, Ken ’60

Harmer (Millette), Patricia ’53

Harmer (Picken), Thelma ’43

Hatcher, Denis ’67

Heath, David ’60

Henry (Spaulding), Patricia ’67

Herring (Rich), Frances ’69

Hobbs (Thornloe), Karen `69

Hobbs (Turner), Marilyn ’68

Hodge, Brenda ’68

Hodge (Morency), Carol ’65

Hodge (Harmer), Pat ’64

Horsman, Vern

Hoy, Linda ’69

Huff (Drew) Cynthia ’59

Hughes-Games, Vicki  ’66

Hunting, Allen ’50

Hunting (Renwick), Dorothy ’49

Hunting, Karl ’69

Jenne, Ross ’52

Jobel, Ron (Buddy) ’67

Kezar, Meredyth ’68

Kingsley, Mac ’65

Kingsley, Sandy ’66

Klinck, John ’62

Klinck, Katherine ’61

Klinck, Stephen ’65

Knutson, Norman D. ’54

Kobelt, Keith ’67

Krichew, Michael ’65

Kyle, Brian ’64

Laberee (Robertson), Eleanor ’48

Lamey, Bob ’63

Langford, Peter ’64

Lasenba (Parsons), Janice

Lennon (Jenne), Judy ’53

LePoidevin, Steven ’68

Little, Elizabeth ’56

Littlejohn (Drew), Eileen ’49

Loomis (Smith), Nancy ’69

Loveland, Norman ’57


MacAulay, Mr. Doug

MacIver (Ross), Anne ’67

MacLeod, John ’61

Mandigo, Art ’64

Mandigo, Betty

Marshall, Alan

Martel, George ’57

Matheson, Ian ’62

Matheson (Weinhardt), Mary Lou ’65

Maurice (Bowman), Catherine ’62

Maurice, Danny ’69

Maurice (Smith), Elizabeth ’57

Maxwell, David ’65

Maxwell, James ’68

Mayne (Wilkin), B. Yvone ’66

McCallum (Granberg), Charlotte ’68

McCubbin, Alex ’62

McCubbin (Guest), Susan ’59

McElrea, Angus ’49

McKnight, Mrs. Gwen

McLeod, Ian ’64

McLeod, Jennifer ’67

McVety (Raymond), Lynda ’66

Mizener, Gary ’59

Mizener (MacMillan), Sharon ’64

Montgomery, Robert ’57

Morehouse (Hadlock), Cheryl ’65

Nelson (Knutson), Shirley

Nichol, John ’52

Noble, Jack ’59

Nugent (Thornloe), Judy ’67

Patrick, Jill ’69

Peak, Keith ’58

Pegg, Michael ’69

Perry (Lafreniere), Prudy ’64

Picken, Barbara Ann ’69

Picken (Ross), Linda Kay ’68

Porter, Bruce ’69

Preston, Andrew ’54

Preston, Sarah ’62

Ramage (Maxwell), Debbie ’69

Raycraft (Cathcart), Eula ’36

Raymond (Deacon), Linda ’65

Reed, James ’65

Reed, Mrs. Ruth

Reed, Susan ’64

Richards, James ’68

Rick, Robert ’68

Ross, Ven Dean E. ’68

Rothney (Bregenser), Betty ’51

Rothney, Don ’64

Rothney, Keith ’61

Rothney, Linda ’69

Rowat (Birch), Jean ’48

Sample, Lyle ’69

Sarrasin, Isobel ’63

Savage, Dan ’65

Savage, Ian ’67

Savage, James ’66

Shepherd, James ’65

Shepherd (Clark), Roberta ’62

Sherping, Brian ’63

Shontoff (Gretillat), Sylvia ’69

Smith, Dale ’63

Smith (Xhignesse), Enid ’49

Smith, Robert ’68

Smith (Winslow), Sandra ’63

Sparkes, Delbert ’58

Sparkes (Ross), Gene ’64

Sparkes (Maslak), Janet ’64

Sterling (Mills), Joan ’51

Sterling (Healy), Peggy ’65

Sterling (Munday), Susan ’69

Suitor, Alan ’55

Sullivan (Hartwell), Kay ’52

Tanner, Bill

Tanner (Smith), Lois ’40

Taylor, David ’55

Taylor (Lesperance), Katherine ’62

Taylor, Martin ’69

Teasdale, David ’69

Tribble, Greg ’64

Tribble, Stephen ’67

Trussler, Joanne ’67

Tyson, Tom ’62

Vaughan (Benest), Jean ’49

Vaughan (Booth), Joyce

Walker (Crawford), Carol ’67

Warner, Edson ’47

Wells (Hunting), Lois ’48

Welsh, Martha ’64

Williams (Bradley), Cheryl ’69

Williams (Lowry), Donna ’69

Williams, Michael

Williams (Cox), Sandra ’69

Wingeat, John ’65

Winget (Williams), Judy ’67

Wood (Marshall), Cathy ’67

Wood, Grant ’69

Woodward (Cheal), Joanna ’58

Wright, Don ’56

Wright (Howe), Louise ’67

Wright, Skip ’69

Wright, Valerie ’68

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