The following pages list students by their last year of attendance at LHS.

Both that year’s graduates and students who did not return to LHS after that year are listed under each year.

Only the names of graduating students were listed prior to 1952, so we were unable to list other students from those years.

Thanks to a number of generous LHS grads, we have been given or been lent most of the “Lyre”s that were published,

or photo-copies of the appropriate pages – except for 1946 and 1947. If you have a copy of any of these editions, or of 1945 or 1948

(our “photo-copy only” years), we would appreciate it if you could donate or lend it to us so we have the most complete information possible.

Students are listed alphabetically by family name, with married name (if known) indicated in parenthesese.  We apologize for any errors in spelling, married name or last year attended information – we’ll be happy to make any corrections required on receipt of an e-mail request.

In some years students first names were listed only as an inital – if you’d like your full furst name listed, just drop us an e-mail request.

We have over 1400 names on our list – but just over 500 addresses.  Sending us contact information for “lost” classmates, friends or family, will help us to contact as many LHSers as possible.  More contacts mean more LHSers who will have the opportunity to participate in the reunion weekend.

It’s important that you can be sure that contact information WILL NOT be used for any purpose other than reunion contacts, which will be kept to a minimum.

So, PLEASE, if you have any contact information on a “lost” student, or know that a name should (sadly) be added to our “In Memoriam” page, please send an e-mail with the information to


Class Years 1960-1969                     

Class Years 1950-1959                        

Class Years 1940-1949


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