How Government Works le fonctionnement du gouvernement

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an up-to-date overview – and inside perspective – of how the federal government works, with particular reference to the policy and decision-making process, and suggestions for how to you can contribute to it. Our perspective is based on forty years of work as a policy and strategy consultant to departments, central agencies and external stakeholders, plus continuous monitoring, and contributions from you, the reader.This edition incorporates the changes made by the Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since coming into office in November 2015.Diagrams, text and cartoons are combined to describe the government’s organization, roles, powers, inputs, deliberations, and outputs. We map the territory by following the policy making process from the formation of the Government’s agenda to Cabinet decision-making and implementation by departments.  Our focus is on the center of the federal government: the Prime Minister, Cabinet and central agencies.
Source: How Government Works le fonctionnement du gouvernement