Stars Above: Green giant and Halley’s bits

As nights get colder and longer, the attention of skywatchers this month will turn to gazing at distant planets and meteor showers.Throughout the summer months a stunning line-up of four planets have dominated the evening skies; Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. However the brightest of the band, Venus, which never travels far from the sun is now quickly fading from view. If you get a very clear line of sight down to the horizon during the first week of October you can still get a chance to catch a glimpse of it sitting very low in southwestern sky just after sunset. But you have to be quick because by mid-October it will be lost in the solar glare leaving behind brilliant Jupiter dominating the sky at early dusk in the high southwestern sky. By end of the month watch for Venus to re-emerge from the glare of the sun, about a half hour before local sunrise.

Source: Stars Above: Green giant and Halley’s bits | Montreal Gazette