Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks for e-learning

The popularity of mobile learning is increasing at a greater pace than ever before. For a lot of professionals, learning about different new technologies and platforms can be a hard nut to crack. One of the operative solutions in such a scenario is interactive eBooks.

When it comes to mobile learning solutions, interactive eBook companies are sought the most owing to many reasons. Let us scrutinize three main among them.

Advantages of Interactive digital books

Components of interactive digital books are built almost like a website and the interactivity offered is gift.

Proper design as well as structure is bestowed by the use of CSS and HTML. Recent versions of ePub takes even more benefits of HTML5. This enables flexible and rich interactivity. Also user interaction can be tracked with xAPI. Almost everything can be done with an interactive electronic book that you can do with a website.
You can access electronic interactive books both offline and online

Interactive digitized books serves as the best option when users need to access information even when they are offline. Offline access can be obtained after you download the e-Book to user’s device. Certain platforms that you make use of for supporting deployment can help you to track the way users interact with content offline thus accessing the data when they reconnect.
No advanced skills of programming are mandatory. What you already know is enough