Stormtech outerwear at Treckwear Victoria

Stormtech A PATH OF DISCOVERY In 1977, a young man in the Canadian maritime insurance industry took a chance. He took a family loan, quit his job and didn’t look back. Launching a specialty sports apparel and accessories company from the back of his van, Blake Annable dove into a highly-competitive industry with a belief that he could build something tangible. Forty-one years later, Stormtech has gone well beyond the one-man-van operation, but Blake and the Annable family remain at the helm of Stormtech, and they maintain the values that have been in place since day one.

Now a global business with over 600 styles of outerwear and accessories and 10,000 distributors in over 50 countries, the company continues to thrive on providing folks with apparel that enables them to get out and explore, whether close to home or a world away. Stormtech is also a company built upon strong personal relationships. And within these pages, we have partnered with three digital-media pioneers to showcase the places and spaces where Stormtech apparel is right at home.

Renee Hahnel’s sense of wanderlust took her from her home country of Australia to life on the road, culminating most recently with a seven-month journey to all 59 of the US National Parks. Along the way, Renee finds her muse in nature. Dylan Furst embraces the inclement weather of the Pacific Northwest and sees beauty and emotion in the drizzly, dark and dramatic climes surrounding his hometown of Bellingham, WA. Belgian photographer Johan Lolos buys a one-way ticket across the world and uncovers a new direction in life. He discovers that intangible human experiences give deeper meaning to the pursuit of breathtaking landscapes. All three of these folks share a common bond: they have a passion for exploration, for the outdoors, and they want to share their experiences with the world. All three left behind a traditional path in life to pursue their passions. And all have succeeded beyond building a following of like-minded folks—they’ve found further inspiration and a sense of self along the way. Welcome to spring, a time of renewal and growth. We hope you find time to pursue your own path of discovery, whether halfway across the world or in the place you call home.

Now here at Treck Wear in Victoria British Columbia.

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