The Ripplecove wants condos on Lake Massawippi

The Ripplecove wants condos

The expansion project of the owner of the Ripplecove Inn, Richard Laliberté, has evolved. The businessman now wants to build condominiums rather than new hotel rooms. The town council of Ayer’s Cliff does not close the door to its proposal, but the reflection of elected officials would not be completed yet.
According to information obtained by the Tribune , Mr. Laliberté is seeking a zoning change in force in the REC5 area where the hostel Ripplecove is. He would like more specifically that “multi-residential” type projects are now allowed on site. This would open the door to building condominiums in this area on Lake Massawippi.
Initially, the owner of the hotel had told the municipal authorities of Ayer’s Cliff that he intended to expand his hostel. It provided for the construction of over 150 new hotel rooms.
In announcing to the municipality the change of course that he wished to carry out, Richard Laliberté would have revealed to his directors that he was planning the construction of more than 100 condos for an investment of “between $ 20 and $ 30 million”. The projected number of units would, however, be subject to negotiation, with the municipal authorities hoping for a decrease.

” No comment “
The Tribune joined Mr. Laliberte on Friday, but he remained stingy with comments and explanations. “I take things one at a time,” he said. It does not give me anything to speculate on what will happen. We will not put the cart before the horse, so I will not comment. ”
The proponent also noted that it had submitted a major project several years ago to North Hatley. A long and complex regulatory process followed and, to this day, it remains unclear how this file will end.
For his part, the mayor of Ayer’s Cliff, Vincent Gérin, confirms that his municipal council is considering changing the zoning in the Ripplecove area to make possible the construction of condominiums. He promises, however, that if the green light is given by elected officials, the regulatory process that will follow will be more transparent.
“I have nothing to gain by hiding things from people,” says Gérin. I intend to be more transparent than requested. And, in any case, people do not have to worry because there will be a public consultation if there is a change of zoning. My priority in this area is the environment and the neighbourhood. ”
The first step in the planned regulatory amendment process could be taken early next week at a town council town hall meeting. But the mayor of Ayer’s Cliff argues that the final decision of elected officials has not yet been made. “There are hesitations,” he admits.
Worried citizen
Despite the assurances offered by Vincent Gérin, a citizen living near the inn, André Nuyt, admits having concerns. “It’s a big project, but we have the impression that it is kept secret,” he laments, adding that many of his neighbours also have apprehensions.
Mr Nuyt wondered whether the infrastructure of the municipality, the water and sewer systems in the first place, would support the addition of dozens of new condos along Lake Massawippi. “I asked questions and had vague answers about it,” he says.
Finally, this citizen points out that the construction of many condominiums on the shore of Lake Massawippi could result in more boats starting to crisscross this water, which is undesirable, according to him. , for environmental reasons.