Offshore Racing Congress (ORC)

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) has just published the 2018 VPP and Rules on their website at, along with a summary of changes and improvements made from 2017. Many may notice a change from their 2018 ratings, but do not panic: all ratings changed slightly due to the new improvements in the VPP, with the net change between boats averaging less than 0.5%.
With the new year comes the opportunity to renew your certificates for use in 2018: use US Sailing’s new UCS system at this link: and make sure to note any changes (new sails, a different crew weight, or some other change to the boat or spars) so this can be included on your new certificate.
Pricing for ORC Club certificates remains unchanged: only $100 for US Sailing members. Each certificate comes with a second page of time allowance and boat speed values calculated by the ORC VPP. ORCi certificates remain at $8/foot for boats <60 feet and $10.50/foot for larger boats.
Racing in Miami or somewhere that 2017 certificates are still being used? No problem, US Sailing can run new or amended 2017 certificates until the end of the local season. Contact them at
For those interested to know more and want to see how measurement-based rating systems help improve the sport, join us at the US Sailing Leadership Forum for our presentation “Demystifying the Rating Rules” on Saturday, February 3rd in St. Petersburg Beach, FL: