Best FREE VPNs 2017

Andrey Doichev

May 2, 2017

Andrey is a passionate internet nerd with a knack for writing!
Who likes FREE Software?

I sure do, and I reckon you do too!

In times where ISPs can sell your internet browsing history to the highest bidder, internet privacy has quickly become an imperative.

We both know that.

What better way to protect ourselves, than to do it 100% free of charge? Why should we add yet another monthly payment to our bills, no matter how small it is?

I certainly could use a bit of “free” in my life…

The best paid VPN providers all claim that their services are better than their free competitors when it comes to protecting your data. I like to play devil’s advocate and put those claims to the test.

We did all the heavy lifting and went on to compare the best free VPN services with the best paid VPN services to see just how much they differ.

Do paid VPN providers warrant me paying $10 a month? How seriously do free VPNs really take my safety?

Let’s see if “Free VPN 2017” really is too good to be true!

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