Residential Project in North Hatley: MRC unanimously approved

Residential Project in North Hatley: MRC unanimously approved.

Some citizens of North Hatley, including Michael Grayson, ... (The Tribune, Jean-François Gagnon)


Some citizens of North Hatley, including Michael Grayson, were present in the room during the Mayors Council meeting of the Memphremagog MRC held Wednesday night. On this occasion, the MRC has adopted a regulation by which it adopts the existing floodplain management plan in the village of North Hatley.


(North Hatley) A further step was taken towards the construction of a major residential project in the centre of the village of North Hatley when mayors council meeting of the Memphremagog MRC held Wednesday night.

Unanimously, mayors approved the draft regulation by which the Memphremagog MRC adopts the existing floodplain management plan in the heart of North Hatley village. They have opened the way for the construction of over 200 housing units in the sector.

The last word, however, belongs to the Quebec government, which shall review the entire case again before saying whether to allow the proposal currently on the table.

According to information obtained from the MRC Memphremagog floodplain with a rating 0-20 years, in the village centre, has been expanded in the light of integrated data recently in the analysis of experts. However, this has not prompted the MRC to back down.

Director General of the MRC Memphremagog Guy Jauron remark about the building in Area 0-20 years will be immunized against flooding by physical means. It ensures that the requirements will be raised regarding the immunization of buildings.

To justify the decision of mayors, the Prefect of the MRC Memphremagog, Jacques Demers, stressed that elected officials do not usually play “in the 0-20 zones”, where housing construction is usually prohibited . “This is a unique case,” he pleaded.

The mayor of North Hatley, Michael Page, of course welcomed the decision of the Council of Mayors. “I am pleased that the decision is unanimous, has he said. It means that we have the support of all municipalities of the RCM. Everyone understands the context, I think. ”

After the meeting, Mr. Page has also argued that the water and sewer network of the municipality already serves the area within which new housing units construction is desired afford.

A potential major construction project in the village centre would help the municipality to improve its financial situation, but the mayor maintains that it would not change suddenly and definitively the current picture. Thus it continues to believe it would be beneficial to North Hatley and Hatley Township to seriously consider the possibility of merging in the near future.

Paul St. Pierre, a citizen opposed to the steps taken by the municipality, for its part, criticized the decision of the MRC to adopt its rules without first integrated the new map of the floodplain to its development plan.

Another opponent, Michael Grayson, asked the leaders of the MRC details of the Kezar stream and drawing. He was told that the course of this river, called to be changed, it was not established by the floodplain management plan. The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change in Quebec has instead been seized of the matter.