WinRAR – compression

WinRAR – compression

  1. WinRAR 5.50 First Beta Versions released! Find out about the main improvements!

With the release of the first two Betas of WinRAR 5.50, we continue our constant improvement of the world’s leading compression and archive management software WinRAR. Thus, new features – especially for the password dialog – and usability improvements have been added and some minor bugs of previous versions have been fixed.

The highlights of the version are:

WinRAR and command line RAR use RAR 5.0 archive format now by default. You can change it to RAR 4.x compatible format with “RAR4” option in archiving dialog or -ma4 command line switch. This change affects only new clean installs. If you already have saved RAR format in the default compression profile in previous versions, WinRAR respects these stored settings.

The password dialog of WinRAR has been updated, and from now on there is the possibility to use a master password. You can use the “Set master password” button in “Organize passwords” dialog to encrypt saved password records and protect them from unauthorized access. If the entered password does not match the master password, it is treated as a usual password for archive operations. To permanently save the master password you have to close WinRAR. WinRAR 5.50 version uses a new data format for the password organizer, so passwords stored in the “Organize passwords” dialog are not readable by older versions. It does not affect archive encryption formats and encrypted archives are compatible with previous WinRAR version. Organizer data is converted to a new format only when you save it, but not immediately after installing WinRAR.

In addition the usability of decompression dialog of password protected archives has been improved. If a wrong password has been entered when unpacking an encrypted RAR5 archive, WinRAR proposes now to enter a valid password for the same file instead of aborting extraction.

We also improved security of other compression file formats. From version 5.50 on WinRAR uses AES-256 by default in CTR mode to encrypt ZIP archives, as it is significantly more secure than ZIP 2.0 legacy encryption algorithm. We have also added extraction support for .LZ archives created by Lzip compressor and LZ and ZIPX have also been added to the list of associations in Settings/Integration dialog.

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You can find a complete list of all improvements and bug-fixes here: