North Hatley persists and signs project in flood zone

Mayor of North Hatley, Michael Page, confirmed and signed with project in flood zones.

Building homes in a flood zone is a risky choice as … (Specter Media, René Marquis)

Project in flood zones: the mayor of North Hatley persists and signs.

(Magog) Building homes in the flood zone is a risky choice, as demonstrated by major floods observed throughout Quebec these days. However, the mayor of North Hatley, Michael Page, confirmed and signed.


He continues to believe that the project of his administration to allow the construction of 200 housing units in the village, in a flood area, remains justified.

“What is happening in the rest of Quebec and among us are two different things, says the outset Mr. Page. There are three to four feet of water in some areas right now. This is unfortunate for the affected people. By cons, during that time, it is completely dry at home. ”

To prove that the context in North Hatley is truly different, the village mayor suggests that flooding in the municipality, in recent decades, have never been catastrophic.

“Even in 1994, one year which refer citizens opposed to our project, the situation was not so serious. In any case, it had done less damage than some claim that year, “says Michael Page.

In addition, Mr. Page noted that a floodplain management plan to be adopted before any building permit is issued. The withdrawal pipes that constrain the flow of Kezar Creek in the center of the village is part of the measures proposed to reduce the risk of flooding at this point.

“You have to look at each case to understand what elements to consider. It leads the process begun with rigor and it is thought that, in the end, the best decision is made. ”

“I would be very reluctant to give the green light to the project of North Hatley.”

Fierce opponent to the project of the municipality, the citizen Michael Grayson says be “arrested by the floods” that currently make headlines in Quebec.

“Given what is happening in different places in the area, I would be very hesitant to give the green light to the project of North Hatley, if I was a minister of the provincial government. It may come back to haunt them one day or another, “Mr. Grayson.

This opposition also suggests that the Government of Quebec will likely become more sensitive to the issue of building in flood zones once the current floods are completed. “We think it will be cautious with regard to the case of North Hatley. It is not known if the answer is negative at the end. By cons, it is hoped that we will not allow construction in the zone with a rating 0-20 years. ”

In closing, Michael Grayson recalls that, in all likelihood, the risk of flooding will increase everywhere in Quebec, because of climate change. “It’s also something to consider.”