High-Risk Credit Card Processing

High-Risk Credit Card Processing

High-risk credit card processing is now for anyone, on any device, anywhere.

eComTechnology offers premium high-risk credit card processing services to merchants around the world. Unlike other payment processors, eComTechnology takes a unique approach to high-risk merchant boarding, reviewing each application on a case by case basis to achieve the highest rate of merchant approval, for the largest variety of industries.
Credit Card, ACH and eCheck payments.

Real-time payment processing.

Advanced anti-fraud security services.
MOTO terminal (for phone, fax and mail order).
Sophisticated transaction screening.
Advanced statistics and reporting.
Recurring billing services.
24-hour customer support.
Affiliate payment and tracking services.
Offshore, onshore and international accounts.

High-Risk Security

At eComTechnology, we understand the significance of high-risk merchant security. Through our proprietary fraud detection system, merchants are assured maximum payment security for all transactions passed through eComTechnology’s secure gateway.

With each transaction closely monitored, eComTechnology will successfully minimize the occurrence of online fraud, providing you with seamless processing and keeping your chargebacks to a minimum.

Am I a High-Risk Merchant?

High-risk merchants are classified as any merchants that pose an elevated risk of fraud and credit card chargebacks. This can be due to the nature of a merchant’s industry, consumers, payment terms, volumes or ticket sizes. Our fraud controls allow us to accept most high-risk merchants, regardless of their locations or processing volumes. These include merchants from the following industries and more:
Adult Content
Online Gaming
Health and Wellness Products
Call Centres
ISP and Hosting Services
Domain Registration
Credit Repair
Direct Sales
Money Transfer
Prepaid Phone Cards
Software Downloads
Combine your payment options


Combine your payment options

eComTechnology also offers merchants access to ACH (eCheck) payments, mobile application payments, recurring billing payments and more. When you sign up for an eComTechnology account, your merchant account manager will work with you to tailor the perfect package for your business. eComTechnology also offers a range of web-traffic solutions, including access to a world-class affiliate payment and tracking services.

Contact us for more information about our high-risk merchant accounts and international payment processing services or fill out the enquiry form and a friendly customer service representative will contact you within 12-24 hours.
Are you a high-risk business in the United States, Canada or banking in Europe, Asia, we can help?

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