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.CanAmPay merchant account credit card processing services to businesses, working with not only traditional businesses but high risk and high volume businesses as well. CanAmPay is established with many International Business and Banking Services and will match your company with a Bank worldwide.

In order to provide the most effective and efficient credit card payment processing solutions to our merchants, we operate various business units dedicated to industry segments while working closely with our providers to determine which of the varied services in the market are best suited to their business needs.

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ACH Growing Steadily as Players Consider Faster Payments The latest NACHA estimates show automated clearing house network traffic is maintaining its steady increase while financial institutions and other ACH systems consider a proposal to accelerate payments from next-day to same-day settlement. Volume on the ACH gained 4.15 percent year over year to total 4.56 billion transactions in the quarter ended Sept. 30, with prearranged payment and deposit (PPD) transactions expanding at a 6 percent rate for debits and at 4.4 percent for credits for a combined total of 2.2 billion. PPD enables employers to use credits for payroll direct deposit and billers to use debits to collect recurring payments automatically according to prearranged terms agreed to by consumers. The ACH’s WEB e-check application and its IAT app for international transactions also exhibited significant growth for the quarter, while e-check apps that convert paper checks into electronic formats continued to contract. Double-digit declines also were recorded for two e-check apps, POP and BOC, used for in-store point-of-sale transactions. NACHA’s same-day payment proposal could meet consumers’ growing demands for faster payments and broaden the ACH network’s presence in payments markets. NACHA also calls for an 8.2-cent interbank fee payable on each same-day transaction by originating banks to receiving banks.

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