Wake me in the morning – true story of a chaplain’s obsession

“Wake Me in the Morning” is a true story of a chaplain’s obsessions


“You’re for the high jump. Wake me in the morning—six o’clock.”

“Wake Me in the Morning” is a true story of a chaplain’s obsessions: The obsession of Harold Forster, who as a teacher and chaplain tormented and abused hundreds of school boys around the world. And the obsession of the author, himself a Forster victim.

Giles Walker has spent 30 years hunting down Forster to expose the secret life of a particular kind of monster and the damage he inflicted on young lives.

Walker’s personal engagement and the poignant recollections of the victims make “Wake Me in the Morning” a compelling read. Forster played the role of saint in his native England but in truth he was a cruel predator in the rest of the world.


Giles Walker is a Montreal film-maker who has directed six feature-length films, two mini-series, and over 100 episodes of various television shows. He was a staff director at the National Film Board of Canada for 20 years. His short drama “Bravery in the Field” was nominated for an Oscar.

All proceeds donated to the BCS T&R Assoc.

You will be able to download the file (epub) after purchase.

Paperback available at Amazon too!

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