High Risk Check Processing

High Risk Check Card Processing – ACH Payments as a Service

You don’t need a U.S. Checking account for this!

Increase your customer base by offering an alternative to credit card payments

Offering ACH (direct deposit) payments to your US customer base will greatly increase your online sales revenue.  US citizens made over 2.1 billion online ACH payments, accounting for an online payment industry worth almost US$1 trillion each year.

By offering ACH payments, your company gains an essential edge in the competitive online market and becomes accessible to millions of US citizens seeking alternative online payment options.

ACH payments are easy to make, secure, and ensure the validity of all transferred funds. With three to ten day settlement and full transaction tracking, diversifying your payments with ACH will expand your online market and provide additional revenue for your eCommerce business.

ACH Payment Processing Benefits

  • Diversify payment options to attract more customers
  • Offer payment alternatives to customers without credit cards
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Reduce risks associated with physical checks
  • Protect your credit rating
  • Reduce check-payment acceptance times
  • ACH processing reporting to identify payment errors sooner

How Do ACH Payment Processing Work?

  1. The customer makes a request to send money to a merchant and asks for authorization.
  2. The merchant authorizes the request and provides written, digital or verbal authorization of the payment (including ‘terms and conditions’ for the customer to accept).
  3. The customer lodges their payment via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network, which sends the money to the RDFI (Receiving Depository Financial Institution) for processing.
  4. The merchant receives their funds and sends goods/service to the customer.

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All-in-One Solution

Simply everything you need to take payments and sell online. Everything is included. No extra hosting accounts, payment processors, merchant accounts, web designers, programmers, order management software, or other typical headaches necessary!

You do not need a U.S. bank account!

High risk and Adult too.