"Wake Me in the Morning" by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions:

Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions:


“You’re for the high jump. Wake me in the morning—six o’clock.”

“Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions: The obsession of Harold Forster, who as a teacher and chaplain tormented and abused hundreds of school boys around the world. And the obsession of the author, himself a Forster victim.

Giles Walker has spent 30 years hunting down Forster to expose the secret life of a particular kind of monster and the damage he inflicted on young lives.

Walker’s personal engagement and the poignant recollections of the victims make “Wake Me in the Morning” a compelling read. Forster played the role of saint; in his native England but in truth, he was a cruel predator in the rest of the world.


Giles Walker is a Montreal filmmaker who has directed six feature-length films, two mini-series, and over 100 episodes of various television shows. He was a staff director at the National Film Board of Canada for 20 years. His short drama “Bravery in the Field” was nominated for an Oscar.

All proceeds donated to the BCS Truth & Reconciliation Association.

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Available on Amazon ebook –  Wake me in the morning

Available on Amazon book –  Wake me in the morning

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