So What Happened to the Lost Colony of St. Armand?

Great story!


Hank.pngHank Avery receiving the Frederick Johnson Award in 2002

A few years ago I wrote about the Underground Railroad and I mentioned a former neighbour’s name as I had remembered several of his passionate conversations about local black history at my Dad’s home on Miltimore Road in Bromont. *Hank Avery and his wife Linda were teachers at a local school in Cowansville, Quebec at the time and after my Father died I never saw them again.

Years passed and by this time I was living in Oakland, California where I was now a minority in an East Bay neighbourhood. In those days I didn’t write about history, but mostly about social injustice and daily crime in an area that was 85% black and 15% white. But I often thought of Hank as I wrote different essays because I finally understood what he was talking about.

Yesterday I was doing some research on…

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