Grocery and gourmet online food

Grocery and gourmet online food

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Long before the big box grocery store there were and still are gourmet food stores, speciality stores, farmers stands and markets around the world that supply some of the freshest food to our country.

Locally produced foods are often thought to be out of reach for those who think they can’t afford to eat gourmet food at it’s finest. Not only that but unless you submerge yourself into the foodie scene you don’t often hear about places you can buy gourmet food, organic or farm grown products. Educate yourself with what is available in your local area and go see for yourself.

I’m here to say, yes you can include gourmet foods in your diet if you plan your meals accordingly.

I’m almost positive that if I conducted a survey and asked what the word gourmet meant I’d be told:

  • Higher Price Tag
  • Rich tasting
  • Unheard of brands
  • Imported products

The word gourmet has long since been associated with being posh and possibly ingredients that only chefs or hard-core foodies would use in the kitchen. Gourmet is like buying a custom-made house from a local builder, you’ll pay for it BUT there are ways to still enjoy gourmet tastes without crushing your food budget.

I remember going into a few British shops in the area where they import food from the UK. There were products I’d pay the extra hike in price just to eat but others I had no wish to buy. A can of Heinz beans for $3 when it’s 50P at home is NOT worth it to me. Stocking up on pantry items that add a splash to my meals is where the money should be spent.

These days gourmet shops are far and few because it’s hard for a gourmet shop to survive without a steady stream of loyal customers. You may see some of the more successful large and small gourmet shops in bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver survive where millions of people surround the area.

If you really want to tap into the gourmet scene to get a feel for what is out there and live in the Toronto or Niagara area every year there is the Gourmet Food and Wine Festival. What you will get is samples of some of the best foods, wine and products from around the world for a fraction of the cost. What I love about this is that you can experience food before you buy it, tastes before you invest in certain expensive flavours all for very little cash out-of-pocket and a good time.

In the smaller towns you may also get lucky to still find a mom and pop shop gourmet food store that has been around for many years with patrons that come back week after week. The name of the game when you are the owner of a gourmet food store is getting to know your customers and serving them fresh food for the best prices.

When I say ‘best prices’ I’m not saying competitive as much but reasonable for the products they are buying. Any gourmet food store that over-prices products will limit their clientele and with that is lost revenue because they are targeting a specific group of customers.

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