Sailing… Just Do It

Sailing… Just Do It

Sailing is expensive and exclusionary. Access is limited and difficult. How do you even get started? Blah, blah, blah. Australia’s not listening to the haters and has organized a National Discover Sailing Day.

You heard that right… a frigg’n country wide event.

Maybe your country can’t pull that off, but maybe your state or province or town or school can. As the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It.” Here’s what Australia is doing…

Clubs across Australia are inviting the community to enjoy a free sailing experience to celebrate National Discover Sailing Day 2016 on Sunday October 23. The aim of National Discover Sailing Day 2016 is to encourage people to visit their local sailing club to find out how fun, safe, accessible and affordable sailing is.

People can go along by themselves, or with a partner, friends or family to get a taste for what sailing is all about. Australian Sailing Chief Executive Officer, Matt Carroll encourages people to head to their local club.

“If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in sailing, then this is a brilliant opportunity to come and try,” Carroll said. “Clubs will provide all boats and safety equipment so you can enjoy a free sail. All you need to do is bring a spare set of clothes, a hat and some sunscreen – and be prepared to have a great experience.”

National Discover Sailing Day offers people the opportunity to go for a short sail with an experienced sailor, enjoy club facilities, and find out all about the great sailing courses available at the club.

“A dedicated Discover Sailing Host will welcome you to the Club, answer any questions about sailing and ensure you have an enjoyable day out with your friends or family,” explained Carroll. “You can register on the day, but we recommend people book in advance at their local club to ensure they can get out on the water.”


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