all-in-one POS system

An all-in-one POS system for one low price.

Affordable Pricing, Uncompromising Quality

PRICE $449 / $649 / $849
Capacitive Touch Screen 8″ / 9.7″ / 15.6″
Encrypted Magnetic Card Reader Included
5 Bill Cash Drawer Included
Internal Printer Included
Integrated Customer Display Included
Customer Loyalty Program Included
Integrated Social Media Included
Phone Ordering Included
Full QSR or Retail Application Included
Barcode Scanner (Optional) + $129
External Printer (Optional) + $279

all in one POS system

all in one POS System

Monthly Subscription Pricing

An extremely affordable monthly subscription is required to use the uAccept™ POS system. The uAccept POS will not function without a subscription.

uAccept Account $39 / mo
Each Additional uAccept POS $19 / mo
uText Text Messaging (Optional) $19.99 / mo

Your Subscription Includes

Unlimited Customer and Technical Support

FREE Software Upgrades

Unlimited Data Storage in the Cloud

Lifetime Product Guarantee

Optional Services

Add-on services and integrations to make the most of your new POS.


Accepting credit cards is simple and affordable with the uAccept POS!

eComTechnology offers flexible options for credit card payment processing. Choose from the money-savings uAccept merchant account or use your current processor to continue to accept credit card payments on your POS. No additional hardware is needed! Contact uAccept today to learn more about eComTechnology Merchant Processing Options.

For businesses set up to receive customer tips using the BridgePay gateway with a uAccept POS device, you may be charged a higher rate for manually swiped credit card transactions if you use Elavon, FDNashville, Global Payments East, or WorldPay processors. For more information, including a request to switch your processor, please contact us.


The uAccept POS is the only POS with integrated text messaging.

The low monthly subscription of only $19.99 includes one phone number and up to 2,000 combined incoming and outgoing SMS text messages. Customers can text their orders directly to the POS, you can send confirmation replies, and text any customer their receipt.

2,000 messages not enough? No problem! Additional blocks of 750 text messages can be added for only $9.99 per block. Do you have multiple store locations? Purchase additional phone numbers for each location for only $5.00 per phone number, per month.

Enroll in uText during your uAccept account setup and take advantage of the FREE 90-day trial that allows you to try the service with 200 texts per month!

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