Unleash Your Inner Company – John Chisholm

Unleash Your Inner Company

By John Chisholm

Discover Your Unique Advantages–Shape and Grow Them into a Successful Business

Unleash Your Inner Company provides an innovative, proven, step-by-step process for anyone who aspires to start and grow their own business. Author John Chisholm–president of the worldwide MIT Alumni Association–brings an insider’s view that distills three decades of successful, serial entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. His book combines practical principles, entertaining anecdotes, deep insights, challenging exercises, and illuminating graphics to guide the reader in conceiving, designing, building, testing, and scaling up the ideal business for them.

Many books address passion in startups; only this book shows how to turn passion and perseverance into a loop of increasingly positive results. Aspiring entrepreneurs have more resources than they realize; Unleash Your Inner Company helps them discover those advantages. Readers learn how to accelerate their learning and how different is better than better. The book also advises the reader on what to look for in a co-founder, how to avoid competitors, when best to raise money, and what they can learn from Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest.

Unleash Your Inner Company is the only book the reader will need, regardless of their background, industry, or continent, to start the business that best fits their skills, passions, goals, and opportunities–in short, the right business to start now.

Editorial Reviews


”Successful entrepreneurs like John Chisholm seldom jump conceptual and almost never write books like John’s, full of deep thinking and well worth reading.” –Bob Metcalfe, founder, 3Com; coinventor of Ethernet; University of Texas at Austin Professor of Innovation

”The definitive primer for entrepreneurs, filled with invaluable wisdom and uncommon insights.” –Joon Yun, MD, President, Palo Alto Investors; creator, $1 Million Palo Alto Longevity Prize

”People across the nation and the world should embrace this book.” –Lorraine Hariton, special trade representative, US Department of State

”Jam packed with insights…Highly recommended.” –Ben Casnocha, co-author of #1 New York Times best seller The Start-up of You

”Those with the ambition to launch a new company should read this book carefully.” –Jim Champy, coauthor of Reengineering the Corporation

”Distills the lessons of a lifetime to give aspiring entrepreneurs a head start on success.” –L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT

”Experienced and first-time entrepreneurs alike will find Unleash Your Inner Company invaluable for turning their ideas into a successful business.” –John S. Reed, former Chairman of Citigroup and New York Stock Exchange

”John emerges as the Yoda of the inner game of startups.” — –Rob Johnson, President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

About the Author

John Chisholm has three decades of experience as an entrepreneur, a CEO, and an investor. A pioneer in online marketing research, he founded the publisher of the first desktop and client-server software for online surveys (now part of Google). Among many other distinctions, he is the president of the MIT Worldwide Alumni Association, a member of the MIT Corporation (its board of trustees), and a regular contributor to Forbes.

Reviewed by R.G.Richardson